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The Ethiquette…the new brand to always be fashionable while respecting the environment


The Ethiquette is a sustainable couture brand accessible only via subscription.
Founded by Elena FEIT and designed by Alexia HANEMIAN, The Ethiquette targets women aged between 18 and 50, socialites, loving fashion, active, going-out a lot for personal and professional reasons ; elegant, needing to regularly renew their evening dress wardrobe, without having the means to offer themselves exclusive and couture models, while being adepts of sustainability and caring about the impact of fashion on the environment.

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Being a member of The Ethiquette allows to borrow 4 to 16 evening looks per year according to the subscription category : (cocktail dresses, evening dress, one-piece suit, formal suits, gala dresses and even wedding dresses) to be chosen among more than 20 models which constitute each collection (spring/summer and autumn/winter).

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Under the artistic direction of Elena FEIT and Alexia HANEMIAN, all models are produced in Paris from couture leftovers and for the embroideries from Indian vintage saris. « For us it was important to be driven by a virtuous circle for the benefit of the planet. Using couture leftovers and fabrics means reducing fiber consumption and the pollution required for their production and finally joining a zero-waste approach. Reutilizing the fabrics of our past collections in order to create new model means value creation but also new storytelling » indicates Alexia HANEMIAN, head designer of The Ethiquette.

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Becoming a member of The Ethiquette, adds Elena FEIT, founder and CEO of The Ethiquette, « Is being a part of a community by wearing a common and easily recognizable style. The Ethiquette woman becomes an ambassador of a rewarding label by its elegance and its environmental and societal commitment. The label itself is a wink of an eye of the fundamental values of the brand (ethics and fashion) since it is a contraction of “ethical“and “étiquette “». 

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And she reminds: « The Ethiquette is a response to a fundamental trend of the current fashion market ». Indeed, according to the «Thredup 2019 Resale Report », fashion sold via a subscription model should grow by 32% between 2018 and 2023 and represent 11,8 Md$ in 2023. According to this report 64 % of the women want to purchase secondhand dresses. Furthermore, a study by Fashion BoF and McKinsey realized in 2018 reveals that 66 % of the Millennials are sensitive to sustainable fashion and the labels which intend to be eco-friendly and are ready to spend more for sustainable brands.



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