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The exclusive design of Ica & Kostika

A revolutionary 3D design studio that transforms complex algorithms into luxurious fashion footwear. Ica & Kostika create exclusive shoes through their Mycelium Shoe. The use of 3D printing allows the shoe to be completely customized.

Design elements combined in a surprising way allow 3D printing to be unique and exclusive pieces.

To create the shoe and offer a personalized fit, the Mycelium shoe requires future buyers to download an app to upload a series of photos of their feet.

From there, an algorithm makes a 3D drawing that allows you to improve its size and stability before 3D printing. Finally, the finishes are processed with sophisticated technologies. The design team developed the first 3D printed shoe, the Mycelium shoe, presented last year, and now has followed a complete collection called the Exobiology Collection, with several other equally original and fascinating Mycelium models.

Ica and Kostika produce shoes in very few runs. Only five pairs of the original Mycelium shoe were produced. It is certainly a rare event to spot one but it is certainly fascinating to appreciate the images and admire the technology developed for their implementation.



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