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The fabric of the artist …

It is really extraordinary what the English artist Benjamn Share can do with simple tulle, its material of choice that makes it unique in the world because of its creations that always leave you breathless. His hyper-realistic faces are touring museums all over the world and they have also arrived on the catwalk, making the haute couture dresses of the Margiela fashion house absolutely iconic, just to give an example. No brushes, sprays or palettes, Shine uses the iron to shape the tulle and create surprising veiled nuances that give shape, depth and detail to her faces. With the heat of the iron bends the fabric slowly transforming it into human faces of both fascinating strangers and extraordinary celebrities such as Lady Diana, Elisabeth Taylor and Andy Warhol.

His unique and original talent has attracted customers from every sector: Barclays Wealth, MTV, Deutsche Bank, Coca-Cola and Google.

His creations are really incredible and beautiful to look and touch  the hand perceiving that like three-dimensional thanks to the ability to throw with chiaroscuro that give depth: stratifying the tulle at will the artist gets different shades and shades that allow him to represent realistically the human body.


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