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The fabric that changes color with the smartphone

ChroMorphous is an innovative and unique fabric of its kind.

Designed by scientists from the University of Florida with fiber optics, ChroMorphous is a real revolution in the fabric industry.

ChroMorphous is controlled by the user, which decides color and fabric motifs thanks to a smartphone application.

ChroMorphous is like a traditional fabric: it can be cut, sewn, washed and ironed. What makes ChroMorphous unique is that its property allows it to change upon request.

Other similar inventions in the textile field that allow for color change need sunlight or body heat to function, but none of these allows you to decide when and how the transformation will take place.

ChroMorphous instead allows total control of the transformation according to the needs of the wearer.

When ChroMorphous is used in a product, each thread can be activated, resulting in a variety of different colors and patterns: this is a real revolution !!

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