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The fantasy world of Begüm Khan


Begüm Khan was founded in 2012 by Begum Kiroglu. 


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Begüm Kiroglu

“I’m a true Istanbulite, but I’m also very much in love with Shanghai, a place that I have called home for the last six years,” says Begüm Kiroglu; designer of “Begüm Khan”. 


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Born and raised in the melting pot of Eastern and Western cultures to a family of OComan art and antique collectors, Kiroglu grew up with the eyes of a connoisseur. After studying business in Istanbul and luxury brand management at Milan’s Bocconi University, Kiroglu moved to Shanghai to pursue a degree in Chinese culture at Fudan University. Now, Kiroglu divides her time between these two Imperial metropolises, finding inspiration and traditional craftsmen in each to create her unique line of jewelry.

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Begüm Khan’s creations reflect designer Begum’s wanderlast and her fantasy world.
Designer always dreamed of creating timeless pieces with a touch of old-world glamour to the contemporary woman’s lifestyle, the antiques of the future.

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Begüm’s jewellery can be categorized as unique ‘pieces of art’ that are challenging in terms of composition and craftsmanship.
She reinterprets the lush and splendid influences of the OEoman culture with a modern twist.

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The ‘Made in Istanbul’ label is very important to the brand and the goal is to keep maintaining artisanal craftmanship in Istanbul where company’s headquarters and production facility are based.

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Fused with the upscale artisanal quality, Begüm’s designs are whimsical and surprising. Begüm‘s obsession for natural curiosities and unusual beauties flourished during her childhood. 

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As she finds joy in creating, she has always been drawn to make beautiful things. Strong, different, confident - female. Begüm understands and salutes the power of the female in her designs. Her aim is to make her women feel confident and super to take on the world. ‘”Splendor” “Redefined”. Long regal gowns, rich embroidery, colourful feathers, gliKering tiaras, and lavishly deployed jewels.

© Begüm Khan
Press Office: Favori Paris

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