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The first electric houseboat is made in Italy

Houseboat tourism is growing in Italy, these boats are designed for river navigation in according to a model of tourism in direct contact with nature, with its slow pace, with the territory and people. From 2019, choosing a houseboat route will be even greener:, the Italian leader in the sector, will present its first hybrid powered boat, the Minuetto 8 + Hybrid, the first electric boat in Italy. Designed and produced according to the high standards of quality and design of Made in Italy, thanks to cutting-edge technology ensures perfect maneuverability.

In recent years the demand for this type of slow vacation has grown enormously, so much so that in 2018 Houseboat managed about 1000 weekly cruises in the areas of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. But it intends to grow further and look to the future, with a 2019 under the banner of electric and eco-tourism, ensuring not only respect for the delicate environment of our rivers and canals, but also allowing the customer to have a beautiful boat, technological, silent. And to save significantly on fuel.

Houseboat offers numerous itineraries in Italy and abroad, but in particular it specializes in those between the Venice Lagoon, the Venetian Villas, Friuli. Here you can find a huge treasure in terms of nature, monuments, artistic beauties, cultural heritage and food and wine. And the houseboat allows you to experience these places in the most lively and true way, in direct contact with the environment, with people, visiting cities, little-known villages, taverns, cycle paths. And it is therefore consistent to be able to do it with a comfortable, beautiful, comfortable, but also really green concept of boat.


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