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The future of the italian jewellery

Pure shapes, authentic Italian style and local inspiration, such as Venice and the Palladian architecture, loved by Carlo and Francesco, are seen throughout the designs. Through travel, they discovered new landscapes, images and shapes that inspired their goals. Officina Bernardi jewelry is elegant, beautiful, timeless, and inspired by various elements. They are designed for modern, independent, working, active women, who choose their accessories to feel beautiful and express themselves.

The Moon bead is like a piece of an infinitive mosaic, the consistent element of the Officina Bernardi classic collection, with its different colors and dimensions.

Officina Bernardi is focusing on design research, new vernaculars, and avant-garde collections where the Moon is combined with natural pearls, enamels and precious stones. Passion for our career, Innovation, Research, Design and Italian made creations are the fundamental elements to manufacture jewelry in precious metals that meet the natural and human need for Beauty: that's the mission of Officine Bernardi.

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