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The Gabrielle Fluffy, a soft luxury


Today true luxury, extravagance, opulence, glamorous detail or avant-garde detail concerns accessories, first of all are the shoes.

Le Gabrielle 10 10 19 2

In the collective imagination, the plinth is instinctively associated with the hot season. But Le Gabrielle is not just a collection. It is a way of being. To feel and above all to wear what you like and not what fashion says. An absolute concept does not exist, let alone borders established by time and trends.

Le Gabrielle 10 10 19 3

Wearing  Le Gabrielle jewel shoes at its feet is an idea, a quirk, the certainty of having a sartorial object created  by hands of artisans, artists and goldsmiths who skillfully mix their skills, giving life to a precious accessory.

The FLUFFY Le Gabrielle is the "comfort zone", the new way to feel wrapped in a soft and reassuring embrace. Soft as a cloud and as white as snow.

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