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The game between female and male by Brøgger


Brøgger a London based  luxury clothing label by Danish designer Julie Brøgger.
Her collections play between the feminine and the masculine, varying from sharp tailoring to soft silhouettes, consistently balanced on the edge between formal and day wear. Brøgger celebrates playful and bold fashion with craftsmanship and quality in focus.

Julie Brogger 8 5 20 2

Each season new unique prints and fabrics are designed by the designer, building on the distinctive Brøgger handwriting of bold and stand out clothes, merging the the dualistic influences of Danish design tradition and the boldness of London.

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Julie Brøgger is a Royal Danish Academy of Art alumni and spent the first years of her career working for some of London’s most renowned brands. Her eponymous label was founded in 2017, with an aim to create clothes to be cherished throughout and across seasons.

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The spring/summer 2019 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week marked the brand’s runway debut. Brøgger stays committed to producing only in United Kingdom and E.U, as well as sourcing all materials from these regions.

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Font: Brøgger

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