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The Garments May Vary thanks to research by Nadine Goepfert

Nadine Goepfert has one of the most brilliant minds in modern textile design.  Her deeply analytical approach to fashion is very interesting: steeped in research and conceptual thinking her work aims to uncover our unconscious and unapparent habits in relation to clothing.

Her creations are carefully considered garments that resemble works of art yet are perfectly practical for everyday wear. Jackets that have slash cutouts to avoid the imprint of hanging on a chair or hanger, wire sweaters that memorise movement/methods of storage and the fampus Memory Foam Pullover.

Nadine Goepfert wants to demonstrate how each movement is captured and recorded at the inside of the garment, in order to understand the extent to which these variables can change clothes and how this "remodel" depends on the fabric or from habits, often unconscious wearer.

A dress that has no memory of us and of our days, gestures, posture and way of moving. An opportunity to guess or look into the personality of the person wearing a certain type of garment. We wear a dress and not the other way and wearing it we change it. With the traditional fabrics give him a story and a vintage allure, with experimental fabrics we trace our profile.

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