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The glamour side of the 70s by Elisabetta Franchi

A space in full 70s style is the scenario on which alternate shots and shots of the new Fall / Winter campaign 2018-19 Elisabetta Franchi

The vintage atmosphere of the wooden walls is the setting for the protagonists who give life to the scene, presenting the outfits as explosions of color against the candy-colored background of the living room.

The bon ton lines of tartans and maxi - bows on the collars are mixed with the shine of vinyl, sequins and laminates, creating contrasts of great effect, where irony and refinement dominate together.

Letting go to the softness of armchairs and carpets or showing statues in the rhythm of their steps, the charming protagonists alternate in their looks of complicity and melancholy.

The charismatic beauty of Nadine Leopold is a tribute to Monica Vitti: the blond waves of her hair and the blue-veiled eyes under a shower of freckles are an unmistakable reference to the Italian (non) diva that fully embodies the spirit of the Fall / collection Winter 2018-19.

An icon of cinema that has been able to inspire thanks to the charm of his great irony and humor, aware that it derives its true strength from them.


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