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The hallmark of Siberica


Siberica will be the protagonist at the next edition of Milan Fashion Day with the highly anticipated 2021 PreCollection.

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Still impressed in the eyes of customers and professionals, the 2020 campaign was carried out in the breathtaking context of Dubai among the fiery red dunes of the UAE desert, which saw the enchanting model Ksenia Tsaritsina, Miss Russia 2018 as testimonial.

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The brand was immediately recognized on the international scene, thanks to its unconventional and avant-garde garments, redefining the boundaries between beachwear and precious objects

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The distinctive sign is in fact the use of jewelry, crystals, stones and refined fabrics that make every detail of the bikini absolutely unique. We help every woman to shine - says Svetlana, founder of Siberica - the swimsuit is therefore no longer a garment of secondary importance, but an accessory of maximum expression of female charm.

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