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The harmonious silhouette of Asmaraïa


Asmaraïa presented her first collection on May 2018 in Dubai, during the Arab Fashion Week.

Asmaraia 27 10 19 2

The brand has immediately achieved an important success among the customers of the region for its elegant style, creating a line of dresses in respect of the culture, tastes and local traditions.

Asmaraia 27 10 19 3

During the last edition of the Arab fashion Week, Asmaraïa presented an elegant and modern collection. The fabrics used are precious and outline soft shapes embellished with sophisticated applications and cuts, creating elegant and fashionable dresses.

Asmaraia 27 10 19 4

Her dresses can be worn for every occasion, always outlining originality and elegance for the wearer.

Asmaraia 27 10 19 5

The construction of her dresses is not forced on the female body and the soft shapes of her silhouettes certainly give her a harmonious femininity.

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