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The iconic style of Rodarte

The Rodarte brand was founded in 2005 by the sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy and presented their first collection of 10 hand-made dresses in the famous "Decades" store in Los Angeles and the shop owner, Mr Cameron Silver, was impressed by their work.

He provides them a contacts and shortly afterwards one of these dresses was published on the cover of Women's Wear Daily, which will trace the beginning of the brand's success.

Then follow the first awards and also the approval of the stars of the Hollywood jet set that they will begin to wear their dresses: the success of Rodarte is now marked and there will be several important collaborations such as the creation of costumes for the Het National Ballet in 2010 and the one with the artist Brody Condon the following year.

Over the years Rodarte has always kept faith with its characteristic and personal style. Ignoring the fashions of the moment, the sisters have created timeless collections, characterized by the highest quality materials and fabrics. Their dresses with romantic lines are embellished with flowers, embroidery and ribbons, refined and dreamlike details that have made them unique. The iconic style of Rodarte is enriched with Gothic and punk details without ever falling into banality and they have the ability to always stand out for them originality and style, receiving in each of their collections, a very high approval rating from the public and the press.



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