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The innovation and excellence of Ricamificio Pisoni


The craftsmanship of embroidery is an ancient art spread all over the world. For the Ricamificio Pisoni, the high technological standard has made it possible to develop various points and application materials in this sector so requested by the most famous Maison.

Ricamificoo Pisoni 17 mar 20

The preciousness of the materials used and the different graphic and creative solutions have meant that the Pisoni Ricamificio boasts today an increasingly exclusive number of Maison that have identified in this company the strength of their refined creative and stylistic requests.
The harmony of the compositions, the creativity and the experience of decades have allowed this company to create and implement the ideas of the Designers in excellent embroidery, becoming the real protagonists of their garments.

Ricamificoo Pisoni 17 mar 20 2

Great sharing of the design aspects with customers has allowed the creative flow to provide both sources of considerable challenge and comparison, allowing them to create unique and beautiful exclusive details.

Ricamificoo Pisoni 17 mar 20 3

This ancient art meets the high technological standard of this company's software, transforming their most ambitious challenges into extraordinary results in order to satisfy ever more demanding customers.
Another strong point not to be underestimated is the speed with which the finished product is obtained. Different points with different materials have been added over the years promoting a panorama of highly refined solutions designed in the most minute details.

Ricamificoo Pisoni 17 mar 20 6

The world of embroidery is as the "360 degree" Ricamificio Pisoni defines it, where every challenge is always possible and rich in innovation.

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