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The invisible visible, by Visual Fragrance

Can a fragrance be visual as well as olfactory? Can a fragrance embrace more senses?

This is what it is asked Shoval, founder of Amkiri.

Shoval began to experiment with the senses of sight and perfume. exploring the traditional forms of body art, cosmetics and fragrances.

Collaborating with his mother Aliza Shavit, who has a deep experience in the field of natural cosmetics, Shoval and Aliza Shavit have spent years in laboratories, trying to "make visible the'invisible" and create a true signature of the Perfume.

After several trials and much research, they have patented a unique formula and winning: a refined liquid similar to an ink that has an excellent fragrance, with a constant power of perfuming of twelve hours and beyond.

Amkiri therefore offers a powerful means to speak, capturing more senses thanks to Visual Fragrance the power of a new style to enchant not only with the view, but also with the sense of smell.


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