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The irreplaceable savoir-faire of Jean Louis Sabaji

Jean-Louis Sabaji is a Lebanese Fashion Designer, graduated from Domus Academy Milan. Born in Beirut and raised in a fashion household. His late father, Jean Sabaji, was one of Lebanon’s founding couturiers during the 80s; those who saw Beirut become a fashion hub and paved the way for later generations of homegrown talent.

Jean-Louis Sabaji conveys the traditions he inherited with his own sensitivity for bold glamour, interpreting classical couture with an outlook all together his own. Sabaji ateliers savoir-faire is invaluable and irreplaceable. The embroidery is masterly, giving center stage to mythical beasts and celestial beings as sphinxes symbolizing supremacy, mermen: creation, lions: courage, scorpions: fertility, serpents: immortality and eagles: morality. 

Jean-Louis, showed his wonderful clothes on Jordan Fashion Week catwalk along with Tufenkjian JEWELLERY a unique works of Jewel Art. Since 1909, Tufenkjian has been designing for a discerning clientele who seeks treasures that are stunning and timeless. 

By Maria Christina Rigano


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