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The italian exhibition “Tra arte e moda. Nostalgia del futuro nei tessuti d’artista del Dopoguerra”

Hosted by the Museo del Tessuto di Prato, the exhibition “Tra arte e moda. Nostalgia del futuro nei tessuti d’artista del Dopoguerra”, that will run until the next  19 febbraio 2017, dedicated to the union between art and fashion in the 1950s, when Italy tries to exit from the rubble of post-war investing their resources not only in reconstruction, but also in the relaunch of an industry devoted to creativity. The spirit that animated this new planning was happily defined as "nostalgia for the future" because that looked to the future with renewed optimism. Few people know that the best known italian artists of this period, like the architect Gio Ponti and the painter and sculptor Lucio Fontana, just to mention a few names, flanked by the textile industries of the time creating for them exclusive printed fabrics and textiles that are authentic works of art.

Never as then the italian design, admired worldwide, blended with the fashion world and found in the textile industry the most fertile ground in which to express his innate and historic creativity.

The most representative names of italian art scene will engage with great talent in this unprecedented experience reaching a climax never touched afterwards. It was a happy and fruitful season: rebuild a country is reconstruct above all the  identity and the italian identity is strictly connettected mainly with the world of art.

The textile companies in slow but relentless and courageous recovery bet much on this wonderful and experimental project, creating with the greatest artists of the time unique exclusive pieces like refined foulards (work of art to wear..., tapestries, fabrics for furniture and carpets made of refined chromatic palette. We're talking about some unique and exclusive masterpieces of great artists who proved their extreme willingness to experiment  new languages.

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