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The line total look Dallavalle Daniela

Presented a month ago at Carpi as 'The shack on the Sea' Italian headquarters of the company of the same name, represents the apex of the creativity of the designers and the enhancement of the Made in Italy. Polyhedral artist and entrepreneur of Carpi, Daniela Dallavalle is enamoured of the harmony of contrasts, of the use of the sign and of the word and of Italian tailoring traditions: the founding values on which develops his creative philosophy.

Free from any convention, Dallavalle Daniela collection is an open door, indeed a cloud open source, on the personal collection of dresses of Daniela Dallavalle itself. Her style is based on the MIX&match of dresses couture and independent designers close to street style, collected in the course of the years and personalized by graphics, aphorisms and neologisms inspired by the artistic production of Daniela.

The contradictions and the new combinations on which the collection is made, disengage from any diktat of belonging to a style or a trend, choosing to experience freedom new alchemy of femininity through heads born originally for menswear.

Thus an elegant sartorial Jacket "stolen" from the cabinet of her can coexist with a whimsical dress with print all-over, while a full jacket sequins located the companion of ideal game in a pair of braces which absently held firm to the pants in shirting subtracted a few golfer. At the same time, a marsina, dress iconic of collection, it refines accompanied by a skirt macramè of high fashion and a graphic pop inspired to the colored graphics of Daniela Dallavalle.

All collection are as letters of an alphabet with which to play to achieve classic consonances" exclusive Personality or creative neologisms. 

Who peer in the cabinet of Daniela Dallavalle - which eye is precisely the symbol and iconographic theme applicant on garments and accessories- discovers to compose your outfit and experience the contrasts and the nuances of different tendencies: basic fusing and refined, elegant and casual, deco and pop, east and west. Eclectic, pop, urban: The collection wants to be a tribute to the fashion that goes beyond the concept of "trend" and women contemporary, original and designers have their own emotions.


Info contact:

DANIELA DALLAVALLE - La Baracca sul Mare
Viale J. A. Fleming 9/11
41012 CARPI (MO) - Italy

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