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The miniature collection of Bona Calvi


Born in Milan, born in 1989, Bona cultivated her passion for art from an early age. The first contact with the world of craftsmanship comes parallel to the academic studies of the Fine Arts of Brera, at 22 years old, when, still a student of scenography, she begins to work with Maestro Nello Paolucci, at the ARASS laboratory, specialized in conservation and restoration of ancient scientific instruments.

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In 2013 she studied goldsmithery in Milan, the place where she lives and works and right in her heart she opened a laboratory.

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History of the miniature collection:

The miniatures are born one afternoon in 2015. Bona is attending some goldsmith's courses in Milan, but what marks the turning point is the Modellazione della Cera course.

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The plastic forms that the technique allows to obtain, quickly transform into small sculptures that recall the everyday: pomegranates, ears of wheat, flowers of all kinds up to the animal world, for Bona particularly inspirational.

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She says "I started with a small bronze Clementina, made for a friend who bears this name and I never stopped".

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The collection of miniatures is constantly evolving, enriching itself from time to time with floral forms and new animals. Parallel to its collection, Bona also creates unique pieces on customer request.

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Press Office: Teresa La Fosca

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