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The most valuable pair of shoes, from Tom Ford to “the two million of dollars shoes”


Absolutely over-the-top this pair of diamond encrusted Tom Ford smoking slippers with 14.000 fully-cut diamonds set in white gold cover, for 340 carats of diamonds and over 2.000 hours to complete. The price? Just think that they're called “the two million of dollars shoes”.

Jewelry designer Jason Arasheben, CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills, is the mastermind behind the fancy shoes.

It took Arasheben and his team about a year to create them, and because of the bling and price tag, they are in the running for the Guinness World Record for the “Most Valuable Pair of Shoes” in the world.

Jason Arasheben has a great reputation for creating record-breaking diamond pieces, so his creative team started by an elegant pair of Tom Ford smoking slippers to realize this unique masterpiece in the men's wardrobe ever. 

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