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The mother of the miniskirt makes 85 years old!

Mary Quant recognizes the world that she was the "mother of the miniskirt", for spreading the most beloved female garment by the girls of all latitudes, worn in the sixties by a young Leslie Hornby, known by the name of Twiggy at only 17 years old.
The fracture with the old world in recent years is also represented by long hair for boys, as well as the "super" short skirts for girls and the Beatles' music.
The Londoners at first laugh at Mary's boutique and the folkloristic group of young people who frequent her, but then curiosity attracts people from the world of cinema, theater, art and the success of this strip of fabric is unstoppable.
 "The real creators of the miniskirt are the girls," Mary Quant likes to say, "the same ones you see on the street".

In fact, there is no girl in the world today who does not have in her wardrobe the mythical and immortal miniskirt.

Barbara Mary Quant was born in Blackheath on 11 February 1934

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