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The muse of Ezratuba


Ezratuba presented her latest collection during the latest Arab Fashion Week in Dubai.

Ezratuba 29 10 19 2

Full of glamor and style, the brand has presented a collection of dresses that can be the real answer for shapes and style of a modern and avant-garde fashion.

Ezratuba 29 10 19 3

In fact the brand, thanks to its historical experience with important international fashion houses, has certainly given itself a stylistic identity that is difficult to give up.

Ezratuba 29 10 19 4

The continuous research that the brand offers in its "wearable" nanotechnology collections certainly gives it an important position in the ranking among the most prominent brands on the international fashion scene.

Ezratuba 29 10 19 5

Shapes and color tones of the fabrics of the collection, harmoniously combine in what is the true philosophy of the brand: knowing how to distinguish style and elegance, never forgetting femininity highlighted, thanks to the construction of the masterfully made dresses, of its customers which is for the designer, the true muse of her collections.

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