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The nano bag

The new accessory that has done more to discuss during the last Paris Fashion Week  FW 2019-20 has certainly been the nano bag introduced by Simon Doors Jacquemus.
It is a microscopic bag from the dimensions of 12 cms for 6 cms: entirely realized to hand and it can be both in skin and in chamois.
The nano bag has been the accessory more photographed and posted among the socials, bringing with if 2 tides of thought: who has loved immediately it, who has criticized it instead for its uselessness. 
It can be considered anymore a ring to form of bag that one "bag" considering that it cannot bring anything.

The models are differentiated for color and shoulder belt and, even if of nano dimensions it is not able certain to say the same of the price: the costs have varied from 405 to  420 Euro.
To want to underline it dimensions, completed almost the outfit of the collection of Jacquemus giant earrings in perfect contrast with the nano bags.
An accessory become already a CULT so small but already so big...


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