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The new challenge of Moncler

Moncler will soon work on a monthly basis for all collections: this is the new plan by Remo Ruffini, president of Moncler, already famous for the launch, last February, of the Moncler Genius project (eight collections for the next winter designed by as many creative, chosen to meet the tastes of different consumers).

For Ruffini, if a customer goes to a store in July, he has to find a concept, if he comes back in September he must be able to see another completely different one.

It is very similar to the philosophy of fast fashion that is already able to change even weekly collections in stores, proposing always new clothes and accessories to push the consumer to buy without thinking too much about the purchase, close in fear of not finding more the object of their desires even after a few days.

Can a constantly changing and captivating monthly concept influence the mood of a client? Ruffini is more than convinced that it has already been approved major investments in technology and logistics, including the opening of a new plant in Piacenza, to be more flexible and faster.


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