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The new era of "Stylishly Functional" sunglasses

Mutrics is a young star up company that has recently introduced a line of sunglasses with a modern and young style, but with a high technology incorporated.

In fact these sunglasses, available with frames of different colors and with a range of lens coloring, have incorporated music streaming that allows audio listening without the use of earphones, activity monitoring and even the connectivity of a voice assistant.

It is possible to choose the preferred type of surround and the weight is from 45 to 50 g.

The cost varies between $ 69 to $ 199: it depends on the features you choose.

So if we share our free time with social networks, we now also have the possibility of having more control over the activities we choose, no longer just from smartphones or computers, but also from a simple pair of sunglasses with a young style totally "powerful"!!


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