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The new style of Urban Chic by Sophia Nubes


Elena Pioli, creative director of Sophia Nubes, presented her 2020 Nubes SPA Collection during the last Arab Fashion Week.

Sophia Nubes 1 11 19 2

The collection with bright tones is a triumph of colors and pure energy. The fabrics are made of natural fibers for maximum comfort, in a completely new and modern way.

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Elena Pioli aims for comfort, but without sacrificing elegance. These dresses are for those women who choose to live with determination and dynamism, in an "urban chic" style, which enhances their femininity and integrity, wrapping their body like an embrace and enhancing body shapes to celebrate their maximum femininity.

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The collection also had the prestigious collaboration of Chiara Biasi Shoes to present her new collection shoes to an international fashion week.

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