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The new "Tiffany Men" collection


The new Tiffany Men collection for men is in perfect line with the traditional mastery of the historic fashion house that combines the most refined materials with an essential style, creating unique and exclusive objects that become more precious as time goes by.

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Whether it is important rings with a seal or refined rings, for centuries men have been wearing rings to celebrate a rite of passage or to remember personal events or an important milestone in the history of their family. The modern rings by Tiffany & Co. are a precious family memory that gives style and elegance.

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The band and chain bracelets and ID Tiffany bracelets, made with extreme care and engraved with their own monogram, express self-confidence and they are very elegant on the wrist like a watch.

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The collection of men's accessories is simple and straightforward. Tiffany & Co. creates a balance between form and functionality, between authentic craftsmanship and classic elegance.

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The collection revisits classic games and objects in a modern key. Playing cards, yoyos and ping pong rackets are embellished with the unmistakable style and elegance of the brand, created by expert master craftsmen of the brand.

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The bar collection instead offers objects of class and style for moments of relaxation to share with family and friends: all strictly in the classic line of the maison, guaranteeing the elegance of the historic Tiffany & Co. tradition

Images from Tiffany & Co.

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