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The perfect dress for New Year's Eve


The dress for New Year's Eve is always an important choice, both for a party with family and friends. Stress doesn't change as much for women as for men: go in front of your wardrobe and think ... and now what am I wearing?
The closet is full of clothes for big occasions you try them on, but if you don't like them anymore, then you decide to buy a new one and inevitably the choice always falls there ... to desire to SHINE.

Chanel FW 2019 20
Chanel - FW 2019-20 Haute Couture Collection

It doesn't matter whether it's velvet or silk, the important thing is that our dress shines, with a magical light as we would like the new year to come.

Stephane Rolland Fw 19 20
Stéphane Rolland - FW 2019-20 Haute Couture Collection

And here, as in a storybook, our wardrobe reveals the forgotten clothes, which wrap us in their softest softness, making us feel sensual where the rhinestones put here and give them the feeling of having stars on our body, making us shine.

JPG FW 2019 20
Jean Paul Gaultier - FW 2019-20 Haute Couture Collection

If instead we decide to buy a new dress, we are ready to dismantle an entire atelier, so that the perfect dress for our New Year's Eve appears as if by magic and captures us with its seductive beauty, made from soft fabrics and perfect cuts, where rhinestones and embroidery enhance the silhouette.
And even on New Year's Eve we feel divine women, in the arms of our life partner under the Eiffel tower to celebrate the arrival of the new year together, in the name of love and happiness.

schiaparelli Fw 2019 20
Jean Paul Gaultier - FW 2019-20 Haute Couture Collection

Happy New Year, for a magical and brilliant 2020 !!

Dedicated to Federica, a professional nurse at the Carlo Chemis in Civitavecchia (IT)

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