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The power of tradition


They are the family companies that have the stylistic identity and the strength of the artisan tradition of excellence that bears the name of the TRUE Made in Italy.The company Alfredo Beretta founded in 1947 is its absolute concreteness.

Alfredo Bereta 17mar20 3

The strength of great craftsmanship offers the opportunity for suitcase and trunks customizing the exclusive luxury of those who know how to choose excellence.

Alfredo Bereta 17mar20 4

Elegant calfskin bike bags and comfortable ostrich leather golf bags are just a few examples.

Alfredo Bereta 17mar20 5

Trying to feel these artifacts are an experience that leaves an intangible mark to those who know how to choose the luxury of handicrafts handed down from generation to generation of the wonderful heritage that distinguishes us all over the world of real made in Italy. The women’s handbags in the most modern classic shapes made from extra luxury leathers.

Alfredo Bereta 17mar20 2

The fashion trunks are made with rigid construction on wood drum with studs inserted manually in crocodile leather. Set suitcases trolley business bag to satisfy the ample market of luxury and those who want exclusive and classy products. 

© Alfredo Beretta

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