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The refined dreams of Christophe Josse


A long way from extravagant fireworks or soulless minimalisms, Christophe Josse invites us to the refined and subtle dreamland of another world, where sustained harmonies play in counterpoint. The Christophe Josse Fall/Winter couture collection exalts a constantly reinterpreted, ever-revisited serene and bucolic world, vibrant with the call of new horizons and shores.

Christophe Josse 03 07 19 2

Full, voluptuous silhouettes in rye shades iridescent with gold move through this world,  seemingly self-evident to our delighted imaginations.  Christophe Josse extols generous, clean lines, contained fluidity and the elegant simplicity of skilfully mastered architectonics, establishing his image of a romantic,  proud and nonchalant woman.

Christophe Josse 03 07 19 3

With rye, pearl barley, ivory and umber, Nature offers a broad range of matt golds,  muted browns and chalky whites.

Christophe Josse 03 07 19 4

Velvet reefer jackets, embroidered linen smocks, peasant skirts highlighted with Hardanger embroidery in wool, woollen dresses edged with silk, organza scarf dresses, gold-embroidered plastrons, organ-pleated skirts, hooded shepherdess dresses.

Christophe Josse 03 07 19 5

In the distance, young girls trip by without a care in feathered sandals. In their ears sparkle the variegated reflections of fine glass beads with subtle bronze highlights.


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