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The Royal Collection, by Sareh Nouri

Just like a grand castle fit for a king and queen, built with extraordinary attention to detail starting at the very foundation, so the new Sareh Nouri 2020 bridal collection was designed.

The focus of modern sophistication, built off a traditional structure, allowed her to take the most important elements of construction and tailored fit and highlight them with simplistic, yet strong, details that exemplify a contemporary grandeur.

The gowns, named for some of Royalty's finest, possess the ability to hold court in the highest esteem offering a minimalist aesthetic that presents itself in the most majestic appeal.

The Satin by Sareh Nouri 2020 bridal collection offers a luxurious, subtle sheen that demands attention upon first glance. Laces and satin have been melded together to create a subtle pop and draw the eye into the very fine detail that the blend creates. Veils have been hand-painted to evoke the passion for the arts and allow for unique details that cannot be mimicked. The Marie-Chantal Bijou-Cape, with opulent petite pearl embellishments and our Queen Farah Silk Wool Cathedral Cape, which invites a hint of soft baby blue into the collection are featured highlights that hold true to a dignified glamour.

Finding the perfect balance between opulent and tradition...creating a foundation that flows with lightweight ease...utilizing draping and fine seam details along with highly curated fabrics  ...This is: “The Royal Collection”.

Each dress, strong and structured, with distinctive details, possesses a sophisticated elegance suitable for any modern-day princess, while living the most beautiful dream of her life wearing the wonderful dresses of Sareh Nouri, a designer of excellence in the world of Bridal.

Bridal Gowns and Veils: SAREH NOURI
Select Laces: HOUSE OF sophie hallette
Photographer: MANI ZARRIN
Videography: RODIN HAMIDI

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