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The simplicity of elegance


Valeryia As'ad presented her collection during the Arab fashion week. The designer creates unique handmade dresses in which she mixes simplicity, refinement and intricate embroidery, approaching with a fusion of the traditional classic in a contemporary style.

Valeryia Asad 26 10 19 2

Impeccable style, quality of finish and simplicity to wear every day, that's why her collections are loved by everyone.

Valeryia Asad 26 10 19 3

Her strength is the classicism of true feminine elegance, because Valeryia As'ad never exceeds with eccentricity or artistic extravagances, but she focuses above all on the construction of a dress with the precise aim of giving her clients that femininity and elegance that every woman wants to have.

Valeryia Asad 26 10 19 4

Her dresses are for every occasion, but made according to the precise goal and personality of hes customers: this is why each of her dresses becomes exclusive, because for Valeryia As'ad every woman is unique thanks to her femininity, elegance and personality.

Valeryia Asad 26 10 19 5

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