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The street style of luxury of 3. Paradis

Emeric Tchatchoua, Founder and Creative Director of 3.Paradis, has a modern and rich interpretation of philosophical ideal in his collections for man.

His dress, elegantly worked and influenced from the popular culture and from the street style, 3.Paradis are the perfect fusion of ideas and art, reinterpreted in his collections.

The slogan of the brand is: "disruptive, chic and poetic."

In his last collection FW 2019 he introduces clothing of style and he boast a range of very interesting pieces.

As the pants that show off emergent tentacles of octopus from the holes of the legs are very creative-chic. 

Others articles of the collection of prêt-à-porter of 3.Paradis include a jacket decorated of money that shows the currencies of the whole world.

The whole collection of prêt-à-porter it evokes a nostalgic sense offering a street style of luxury however.

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