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The style "garçonne" according to Loïs


Women wear pants ... and not only in a metaphorical sense! We're not talking about gender equality, but about style explorations, his wardrobe offers more and more fashion ideas and there are many clothes to adapt, maybe with a girlie touch, for an unusual outfit to show off.

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The Garçonne according to LOIS is a woman who does not emphasize her forms but the essence of a style between ambivalence, double games and multifaceted identities all to dress. Beautiful and cursed, through the masculine lines emanates an aura of security. Clean and without excess, it does not need labels to show up.

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A world suspended between masculine and feminine, between the elegant and introspective notes of the classics that are reworked and superimposed. Wide freedom of choice but also the possibility of not doing so by staying in a free zone, without the obligation of definitions.
This ambiguous, tough and charismatic figure embodies a masculine and feminine personality at the same time, which bewitches and enchants. A game of opposites to convey a message, to give a tone, to show the nails, to challenge and, of course, to seduce.

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Set of uncompromising femininity, albeit enclosed in a garconne style, which uses sober and comfortable garments, easy to wear but at the same time allows to play with original compositions. Minimizing, one could say that it is a woman who plays at being a man. But it is enough to look at her to understand that she is not like this: determined to dress her eclectic personality, this woman is serious.

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The LOIS experiments manage to capture these seemingly different concepts to perfection, but with a unique DNA. There are no gender definitions, but simply images of beauty.


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