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The stylistic personality and artistic flair of MaryJane Claverol


The stylistic research always begins with an idea and a basic design, but it is the personality and the artistic flair of those who create a unique and exclusive product that gives life to a brand capable of placing itself in the market.

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Mary Jane Claverol fully embodies this principle. In fact, the designer creates designs that must be original accessories at the base, that represent joy and happiness. In 2016 she presented her first capsule collection of earrings of her brand MaryJane Claverol in Miami and her originality and creativity have allowed her to attract the attention of the public and the press immediately.

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The accessories that create such earrings, necklaces and hair accessories are truly unique and original, that meet the needs of every woman without age or social class limits, thanks to her aesthetic and creative balance, because her accessories can make the difference in the outfit of a woman who wants to be modern, elegant and original.

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All accessories are made strictly by craftsmen with particular attention to detail, giving each accessory the exclusivity of being unique.

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