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The tailor's faucet

Founded in 1976, Krover is an Italian company that has always been synonymous with luxury bathroom fittings, a place that has long since been totally cleared of being simply a service environment. Today, in fact, it is more and more a space to live and relax in your own home and very clearly expresses the personality of its owner.

For this reason, Krover, which produces a fine line of modern taps, classic taps and accessories and bathroom accessories with great sales success, aims to satisfy every desire of its demanding clientele by also studying bespoke solutions, tailor-made, in which uniqueness , functionality and elegance are an essential combination.

Naturally, therefore, it is a matter of unique, "sartorial" pieces, to be said, as "tailor-made" of customer requests. Admiring the catalog of Krover's "Atelier of luxury" you will be enchanted in front of the innovative design and the preciousness and beauty of the finishes, the fine details and the creative audacity of the sophisticated customizable solutions ad hoc for a niche market looking of that absolute exclusivity that has always been a feature of the real Made in Italy top of the range. For three generations, the Lazio company is in fact a splendid example of proudly Italian savoir-faire in which respect for tradition is happily combined with a passion for research and experimentation with new forms and materials, in an area where innovation is essential. If you add the stylistic code of Italian good taste to it, then the elegant Krover collections become even more unique and increasingly sought after on international markets.

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