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"The Temple of Flora": an amazing exploration


The collection of designer Rami Kadi presented during Arab Fashion Week is an amazing exploration of the Flower in all its possible incarnations. As such, it is an emancipation of its conventional associations presented in the collection with extreme elegance and delicacy, and to explore its frivolity, malice and boldness that lie in the heart of the Flower; hence the amalgamation of floral shapes that characterize the collection.

Rami Kadi 15 10 19 2

Some dresses are a representation of the wonderful floral world, while others maintain a refined and airy style: this collection is a magical journey into the infinite forms and floral colors that nature offers.

Rami Kadi 15 10 19 3

"The Temple of Flora", the name of the collection, highlights new craft techniques such as hand-painted plastic leaves, laser-cut techniques and iridescent sequin knitted 3D with feather shadows for the depth of flower petals.

Rami Kadi 15 10 19 4

The great sartorial capacity of the Rami Kadi fashion house breaks innocently into this collection, showing, as always, the careful execution of the embroideries and the precious shape of the silhouettes that make the maison one of the most interesting brands on the international fashion system.

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