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The unmistakable style of Valentino Orlandi bags

40 years of experience 100% Made in Italy.

The Brand of High Fashion Valentino Orlandi in the bag leather sector  boasts a consolidated history more than 40 years.

The whole production planning development and finishing touch are developed in the new center in an establishment of 5.000 mqs to Corridonia in the province of Soaked.

The Valentino Orlandi creation's  are distributed all over the world representing that excellence of the craftsmanship Made in Italy so appreciated and beloved around the world.

The elegance, the seduction and the essentiality of  Valentino Orlandi bags conquer the world to women who find in this brand excellence, all made with raw materials and high quality standard.

Bags seductive, that every women love at first sight and its reflect the femininity that all woman wants to exalt: perfect for any style of woman, even for women managers in career that they don't want to renounce their femininity. 

The style of the Valentino Orlandi is unmistakable in each their collection.


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