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The weaving art in Pisa, an endless fairy tale

Laura de Cesare is the creative soul of a workshop of weaving craftsmanship that in Pisa is the symbol of a centuries-old tradition that is renewed in all its eternal splendor. Making hand-woven fabrics to the loom is, as well as a passion, an authentic cultural mission and to raise awareness of the most authentic concept of Beautiful and Well-Made that needs time, work, effort and lots of creativity to exist. In a world that goes faster and faster without even a real destination, it is really regenerating to stop in this happy oasis where time has not stopped, it simply still beats the same precious moment that expands and swells with eternity because it has so much to say and to give. Not a place then out of the world, but where the uselessness of the world is left out to allow you to enter only what is truly profoundly human in a Copernican revolution that finally puts the emotions and feelings at the center of all. Truth, genuineness, purity. It is almost a wise cenacle this laboratory set in the charming Tuscany where the textile tradition is a beacon of pure beauty for the Made in Italy in the world.

Laura de Cesare is said to be fascinated by the code of writing of the weaving of fabrics and the three-dimensionality of the fabrics. In her hand weaving workshop, which boasts important collaborations with different fashion brands, Laura de Cesare creates authentic masterpieces of style, including small collections of great personality and unique pieces designed to measure. All this thinking also of the future, who will one day be moved, as happened to her, by the vocation to inherit such precious knowledge. So his workshop is also a school, where neophytes and enthusiasts can get closer to textile design and the practice of weaving come artists and as artisans able to embed the whole emotional universe between the plot and the warp.


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