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The wonderful grainy texture of a jewel

Dune Jewelry is a very exclusive brand: it creates unique and original jewels.

The brand is for the most part known as "The Original Beach Sand Jewelry Company", using sand and elements from all over the world to create a unique and handmade jewel.
Customers have the opportunity to personalize their jewelry made with a sand fist sent to the Jewels maison and master craftsmen with sand coming from a favorite beach or a precious memory make exclusive pieces.

The result is a wonderful grainy texture derived from sand with the elegant fusion and intertwining of steel or other materials used revisited by the poetic and creative spirit of the designers.

Dune's patented designs are hand-crafted by a studio of talented craftsmen who incorporate the highest quality materials from around the world. They capture grains of sand of a moment, a memory or a destination and incorporate them into handmade jewelry that will last forever like real little works of art.

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