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the "Wood" becomes a design element

There is no art without an idea and there is no idea without research: thus is born Da & Lo, a Luxury Bags Brand, thanks to the extraordinary abilities and the will of Maurizio and Selena Dami.Through the deep knowledge and experience of one of the most important materials for our planet, for its great versatility, the "Wood" becomes a design element and protagonist of this Brand.
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Da & Lo comes out of the traditional schemes, because their collections of bags are living material, leaving us attentive to how extraordinary there is in nature that knows how to give us design if we observe it with the eyes of those who know how to grasp its unparalleled beauty.
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This brand fully respects the ecosystem, using eco-sustainable materials and is able to create bags that are not only unique because each leaf of briar is born unique, different, unrepeatable, but for the law of pure craftsmanship, the real one.
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Each bag has its own soul, its own life, of which the root is its true protagonist born after years and years in the forests.Da & Lo has been able to grasp its features through a special, unique, unrepeatable reading because you are the inspirational muse, the great mother Earth, this wonderful canvas to paint on, called NATURE.
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