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Threads of class and watermark, the legend of Yvone Christa

The history of the ancient Venetian art of filigree summarized in a line of bijoux art. Thin gold and silver threads are treated with a finish of the past and modeled on exclusive shapes. The collection and the history of the brand are to be discovered.

The brand Yvone Christa was born in Los Angeles in 1991 from the intuition of the two designers Yvonne Clamf and Christina Söderström. Both Swedish, they know each other in Rome where they attend the School of Design. Also for studies they moved to Los Angeles, where they began to create jewels at home, around the kitchen table of the small apartment they share with other female students. Their first collection is born here. And the brand is born from their baptismal names. It's 1991. Success comes in a short time. It all starts when a screenwriter is involved in the absolute personality of their creations and asks the stylists to be able to wear them to the stars of two hugely successful television series: "Beverly Hills" and "Melrose Place". It's time to move to New York, a cult place for all the new trends.

Here every single piece of the brand is created by hand according to the ancient technique of Venetian filigree: the thin gold and silver threads, modeled and welded, are then treated with the antique finish. The sensitivity and dexterity of working silver 925, burnished or wetted in 22Kt gold, are the characteristics that make YVONE CHRISTA jewelry icons. Weld in such an impeccable way invisible curls and very fine threads of precious metal to create the shape designed by the stylists is the work of a few artisans in the world.

Three collections per year. They include new necklaces, chokers, bracelets, rings, brooches, earrings. And many best-sellers that remain. All YVONE CHRISTA jewels are decorated with semi-precious stones and pearls, carefully chosen to inspire the jewel of yesteryear. The great intuition was the "modernization" of the forms and the continuous research of an infinity of very original materials that embellish the jewel. From pearls to jades. From quartz to jaspers. To citrines, amethysts, tiger eyes, lapis, turquoises, corals, amazonites, carnelians, topazes, onyxes, jays and zircons. Until the very recent ones in bone and aqua lemuria. Nature in all its forms is always a source of great inspiration. The creations of YVONE CHRISTA have won celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Princess Victoria of Sweden, Kate Moss, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Heidi Klum.


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