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Through the looking glass with Modart di Flavia Pinello

"Without the elegance of the heart there isn't elegance" was used to say Yves Saint Laurent. And elegance in the heart, mind and hands the fashion designer Flavia Pinello must have a great deal of if she can give us evrytime new emotions with her dresses so ethereal, romantic and sophisticated. Modart di Flavia Pinello shows up in its new collection a set of wedding gowns that are like fire under the ashes.

Bon ton and ladylike at the first sight, but, if we look through the looking glass, to borrow an expression dear to Lewis Carroll, we can see behind it, well hidden in another dimension, a quite different image and we discover the portrait of a mediterranean passionate woman and, as the land where these beautiful creations are designed, Sicily, so powerful, mysterious and magnetic.

Just like a bride in love that, like a sparkling diamond, illumined by lovely light of the right wedding dress, reveals many facets of her beauty. Remarkable is the use of precious lace, always on a razor's edge, fluctuating between elegance tout court and desire of seduction with see through effect and overlays.

Absolutely haute couture are the enchanting embroideries of tailored sublime bustier while the design swings between silhouette with rigorous shapes and cuts to other ones no doubt more intense, also thanks asymmetrical lines. Elegance and excellent craftsmanship prevail with Modart di Flavia Pinello  that takes us by the hand through the looking glass to show us the extreme complexity of the female universe and her talent to tell about that through refined and charming wedding dresses. 

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