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Tiffani's Red Carpet Fashion Week Cannes


Cannes Film Festival:in display of a Croisette of international stars running daily a red carpet and wearing those Haute Couture dresses in the most colorful shades of the rainbow and in order to keep this fashion concept high on the 23rd May, 2017 at the 5 star Carlton hotel during the very special 70th Cannes Film Festival. Eleven Maison and Designers from around the world graced the Tiffany Red Carpet Week. The Fashion Show was hosted by Tiffany McCall and the 11 participants were:Galina Couture and University Nanyang Technological Art and Design from Singapore Dimple & Amrin Collections Mumbai, India Carmen Steffens France and International Philipe Marques Couture, United Kingdom Agatha Moreno Collections, Lagos, Nigeria Abha Choudhary Couture Nagpur, India Rosy Ahluwalia Collections New Dehli, India D'ange by Csikós Anikó Sezged, Hungary Sckali Design, Doha, Qatar, United Arab Emirates Aroshna Makanojia Collections, Toronto, Canada Najla Rahimi Collections, Toronto, Canada.


The event was hailed by guests and press alike as a sparkling success.Host and organizer Designers, appearing at the conclusion of their catwalk show, received enthusiastic applause for their impeccable,armonic,epic and baroque collections full of splendor and charme with that touch of chic typical in the French Riviera. Exquisite hair styles and make up artistry on the models,  a dedicated team from L'Oreal under the exacting supervision of Lisa Hickerson.This exclusive event has been accompanied by the voices of Blake Carrington,Maya Shane and Zoi Florozo and ably orchestrated by Meyeiam Foulane.      


By Lady Fiorella Bellagotti

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