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Timeless Elegance. Dior in Venice in the Archive Cameraphoto

Villa Nazionale Pisani in Stra, the "Queen" of the Venetian Villas is the location chosen by Vittorio Pavan (conservator and Archives of Cameraphoto) and Daniele Ferrara, Director of the Polo Museale Venetofor the exhibition "Timeless Elegance. Dior in Venice in the Archive Cameraphoto" which will document the shots taken in 1951, in one of the most beautiful cities of the world, which was chosen to photograph the stylistic proposals of the great couturier Christian Dior who in those years was the most popular tailor of the moment: no woman who wanted to be at the fashion could ignore the dictates of the Parisian couturier.

In the images of Cameraphoto the beautiful models dressed by Dior duet with Venice, Canals, Churches, Palaces are never a pure background but protagonists on a par with the creations of the great couturier.

The second core of this fascinating exhibition is dedicated to the Grand Ball of Palazzo Labia, which was the social event of the century.

The aim of this extraordinary exhibition is to contribute to the enhancement of the Cameraphoto photographic archive, declared of exceptional cultural interest by the Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali, which is an invaluable asset in terms of the richness and variety of the images that constitute it .

From 12 April to 3 November 2019 it will be possible to admire these wonderful shots, which have become style icons and inspiring muses for many creative people.




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