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Timeless embroideries by Loretta Caponi

The workshop-atelier of Loretta Caponi in the fourteenth-century Palazzo Aldobrandini in Florence, 850 square meters of pure beauty, has long become an authentic city institution and a pride of the great Made in Italy in the world. Here Florentine embroidery blends with tradition and gives rise to a decades-long history of international successes that have led this brand to conquer the high society of the whole world, as well as celebrities and rulers who would never lose the luxury of owning these authentic masterpieces of embroidery.

From the first embroidery made only nine years to conquer the heart of the most exclusive worldwide clientele for more than fifty years: the history of Loretta Capponi and its Florentine brand almost knows of legend and is one of the fundamental chapters of the contemporary history of Florentine craftsmanship. Few creatives like this cultured and refined woman, consecrated body and soul to the cult of Beauty and Well-made, succeed in embodying all the grandeur of a centuries-old tradition with an ever young soul, in perpetual flourishing and renewal. Loretta Caponi is the eternal spring of a style that has never glimpsed the rays of the sunset, but shines today like yesterday, more radiant than ever.

Because courageous and safe to be able to give life to a project completely untied by the vanity of fashion and the futility of fashion. So it was already from the early fifties when he exhibited his work in Rome receiving wide appreciation from a demanding and sophisticated clientele who soon followed his deeds and going to find it in his first store opened in Florence in Borgo Ognissanti because Loretta Caponi refused the mortification of industrialization tout court that then pushed a lot to impose cheap synthetic fabrics like nylon. She did not bend, continuing undaunted to favor only fabrics with a noble heart like cotton, linen and silk, creating wonderful nightgowns with ruffles and long sleeves with smocked stitches. The rest is history with the lingerie and bedroom wear signed by the Florentine brand that soon end with the embellishment of luxury residences, yachts and private jets of the most important magnates like Rockefeller, the Rothschilds, the Kennedy, the Getty, celebrities like Jane Fonda , as well as royal families such as the Windsor, the Orange-Nassau, the Bourbons, the Liège. A consecration at a world level that has few precedents and that well tells a story all Italian, and particularly Florentine, of wise entrepreneurship, infinite good taste and incomparable savoir faire.

With more than 10,000 designs of tablecloths, towels, sheets, pillows, children's wear, men's and women's, the Florentine brand has offered its customers exclusive custom-made services to date, as well as a ready-to-wear collection for two years. chambre designed to meet the need for a modern elegance of gentlemen and ladies of our time.  

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