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Tony Ward, the art to be unique

Genius is not the one that hits just a target but the one that hits a target that no one also has seen before. Those are the right wards for Tony Ward, an eclectic and extraordinaire couturier which during those years with so many collections is been able to show how much a woman can perform if just believes in herself. 

The right dress is important of course, but the big role is plaid by the attitude and the desire to feel really beautiful,free,sensual and feminine. Willing it is everything and Tony Ward which is also a master in style, knows that each woman has inside a special light which needs only a switch bottom to turn it on for shining.

The true couturier is the best friend to a woman. He is not really a business man, he is not there to tease you with fake words and stupid compliments so that you will buy the dress. Every dress he made can represent him well and it will be his message around the globe and to find the right woman to interpreter it in the best way on the stage of this world is all he wants. That's why he is there always talking confidentially with his clients which can trust him in full because Tony knows how to listen to them and he is so sensible to perceive who they are and what they would like to be like:exactly the best version of what they look like now because a dress is not  to perform or to show that you are a different person, it's something you need to be possible your real self.

To prove it is infact that every woman wearing the wrong dress feels uncomfortable and embarrassed while who thrusts someone warm and experienced with the only wish to please his clients can wear that dress as a second skin and can be proud to show such master piece which seems to be made only for her and naturally she can feel beautiful and real as never happened before. A good couturier can listen and understand fears,worries and gaps of his clients. Because the right dress can give you self confidence,courage and understanding to be extraordinarily unique,special  in this world. Tony Ward knows it well and believes firmly in it and this is his great mission in the Haute Couture scenario. A real clap.


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