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TRAmaRE, Sardinia essence and textile innovation

A world without color would be a world without light, without poetry, without music ... a world blind, deaf and mute, unable to speak, give and get itself all over. Fortunately in our world the colors are almost the true inhabitants of the space in which we live: they are everywhere around us, they  embrace all of us with all their natural and exciting essence.

Their power directly affects the soul. Just try to combine two colors: immediately it's like a song and more colors you juxtaposed more this magical orchestra will play an unique, wise and always brand new music, as well know two great artists such as Margherita Usai and Maria Cristina Boy which in Cagliari in Sardiia, launched their workshop named “TRAmaRE”,

Here at strictly natural fabrics, such as silk, hemp and flax, they draw on cloth wonderful motif dictated by the inspiration of the moment. Their fabrics are realized like paintings and they are really marvellous and emotional piece of art, absolutely handmade and very exclusive because always one of a kind,

Refined artists, Margherita Usai and Maria Cristina Boy use the most extraordinary artisanal tecniques to realize innovative and original products that, above all,mean high qualty, great creativity and sublime culture.

After painting on natural fabrics, they manipulate and customize every product obteined in order to create something of extremely new with inserts of other tissues and decorations. In this way they present in their showroom in Cagliari some amazing fashion accessories and an elegant household linen inspired to extraordinary sardinian tradition, of course totally renewed with brave fantasy. 

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