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Transform the ordinary to do something "extraordinary"


Nora Fok is an artist who expresses her ideas in a personal and distinctive way. She has a unique ability to translate her ideas into delicate and intricate compositions that are immediately and exclusively associated with her.

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Nora does not use mechanical equipment: all his work is done exclusively by hand.

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She is fascinated by the world around her that contaminates her art, translating it into unique works.

She observes the different aspects of nature, from the structure, the systems and the order, the mysteries and the magic it captures in its work to translate them into true works of art.

Her works are often complicated and require many hours, days or weeks of work to produce even a single piece.

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She has an extraordinary dedication to her work which he expresses in her light and sophisticated, elegant and hypnotic creations.

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Nora Fok has the ability to transform the ordinary to do something "extraordinary". Her approach is not scientific; she combines her discoveries in an intuitive way with her personal technical skills to produce unique and unrepeatable pieces.

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